29 January 2009

Blogging Tips : Starting a New Blog?

Start With a Mind Map

Yesterday we covered how to use mind mapping to come up with topics to post about.

As I was writing that post I was reminded of a very similar process that I went through when planning my last new blog - Digital Photography School.

I wish I could find the notebook that I did the exercise in (I’ve still got boxes to unpack from our move) but it was very similar to some of the mindmaps that I shared yesterday.

  • The idea is to start with your over all blog’s topic/niche.
  • Then to brainstorm categories
  • Then to begin to brainstorm post and series topics

Here’s how it’d look:


The beauty of doing this exercise before you start a new blog is that you think a little strategically about the bones of your blog (categories) and before you even start blogging you have a road map of the posts that you want to write in the first weeks and months.

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