23 February 2009

Blogging Tips : 31 Blog Post Ideas For Small Businesses

Welcome to the inaugural post here at! If you know anything about me, either from my Twitter profile or my former site MyTropicalEscape, then you know I am very much pro-collaboration and in favor of using the power of social media and the internet as a tool that allows us to help each other. (I want to see us ALL succeed in 2009.)

As a small business owner in tough economic times, I thought it was time to assist others and provide information and inspiration for those in the world who either own a small enterprise, or for those who would like to take the next step and become an entrepreneur.

Truly, I want to give back and spread the knowledge that

I have gained over the past couple of years in terms of moving beyond fear (and actually owning a business) and also in online promotion for small business.

Sometimes we are too busy to do anything else but act as customer service manager, webmaster, and head toilet scrubber. Thus 31 Blog Post Ideas for Small Businesses is my first offering to what I hope will become a space for collaboration and creative growth.

When thinking about the thirty-one ideas, I wanted to avoid posts that are nothing more than simply spamming folks with “My Business is Great” style missives.

The real power of blogging is not the hard sell, but rather, to help connect you and your (potential) business customers on a more human level.

Moreover, I have found that the most successful blog posts allow the reader to learn something new and provide some type of value. I tried to remember that as I brainstormed these particular ideas.

So, as the New Year dawns, if you find yourself lacking in time to come up with creative ideas for blogging, below are 31 post ideas that should help to get you started.

(Please note: It was supposed to be 52 Blog Post Ideas for Businesses but my ferry arrived at its destination early and I ran out of time. :-) If you have an idea for a small business blog post please leave it in the comments below.)

  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. Have you done something unique such as complete a marathon, serve in the Peace Corps, veteran, etc?
  3. How did you get started (securing financing, permits required, etc).
  4. What allowed you to move beyond fear and pursue small business ownership?
  5. What cause do you care about (refugees, stray animals, etc)? How has your business supported your favorite charity?
  6. A day in the life of…your bookstore, shoe store, marketing firm.
  7. What makes your business different or separates you?
  8. Define your customer service philosophy.
  9. Promote your competitors.
  10. Photo or video walking tour of your business.
  11. How is your business or service conducted in other cultures? Are there any differences between carpet cleaners in NYC and Afghanistan?
  12. Interview your customers.
  13. Monthly or weekly wrap up post about your biz.
  14. Humorous post on horrific client.
  15. Why you love doing what you do.
  16. How does your business cope during a tough economy?
  17. Monthly specials, promotions, or clearance items.
  18. Feature any eco/enviro friendly products or infrastructure that you have.
  19. Provide the most convenient methods to get to your business and perhaps list out any unique or historic landmarks around you.
  20. Describe any improvements or upgrades you have made.
  21. Comparison post – if you sell sneakers why are Nikes better than Adidas? Or why would a customer want a WordPress site as opposed to Flash?
  22. Tutorial post that’s specific to your industry, which might be a common task for you but could really help the readers (e.g. programming an Iphone).
  23. What do you do during your time off (shows you are human)?
  24. Does your family have a family history in the business? For example, was your pizza place, marketing firm, or bike shop started by your great grandfather?
  25. Highlight a special client.
  26. When do new shipments arrive?
  27. A helpful post or tutorial specifically for others in your industry.
  28. Define the origins and shipping procedure of your product (How did that coffee get to your café? Where is it grown?)
  29. How can I get into your line of business - - What type of training is required to be a web designer? Do you need certain skills to run a B&B?
  30. What is your personal history and qualifications?
  31. Why are you located where you are?

Please feel free to leave other blog post ideas in the comments! And if you like, join the growing list of folks by dropping your social media information into The Sandbox.

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