16 February 2009

Blogging Tips : Internet Possibilities to Investigate

The Internet is changing and evolving so fast that sometimes we can’t keep up with all the useful tools and possibilities that emerge. A while ago I came across a post from Chris Brogan that talked about 57 of those possibilities that you should investigate. Here are the first 10:

  1. Think about FriendFeed as your own personal newsroom or communications center.
  2. Revisit Reddit as a news source, and also as a roll-your-own tool for information clustering.
  3. Use Alltop as an idea-starter, or as competitive analysis of content spaces.
  4. Cook up six powerful searches on Twitter Search and add those RSS outputs to your feed reader.
  5. Visit Slideshare weekly and search for new presentations to learn from.
  6. Use YouTube as a source for lectures and learning. Use Magnify as a curation tool.
  7. Rediscover what’s interesting in Delicious/Popular. Go back and find tags that matter more to you.
  8. Reconsider your current blog reading list. Do some quick math. If it is more than 60% related to your industry, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Find the outliers.
  9. Pick at least one news source from outside your country to monitor information from a different perspective. One of my sources is The Guardian.
  10. Subscribe to at least one blog with a strong opposing view. Learn from it. Learn where your position is different. Learn how they say what they say successfully. Discover what has impact and what doesn’t.

Through the rest of the list he talks about web-based work, video, small and local stuff, mobile applications and money. It is worth a look.

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