04 March 2009

Blogging Tips : Learn How to Rank Highly in Search Engines - SEO Secrets

seo-secrets-glenn.gifWant to learn how to make your blog rank well in Google? SEO Secrets is a resource worth considering.

Last year at an SEO conference I met a fellow Aussie by the name of Glenn Murray (pictured right). He introduced himself to me as an SEO copywriter and he made quite an impression. In fact he’s pretty much the only person that I met that day that I remember the name of.

The reason that Glenn was one of the few people that I still remember is

that in a quiet and genuine way he stood out from the crowd. Many of the SEO types that I met that day were boastful and proud - Glenn was confident but far from cocky. He knew what he was talking about but didn’t seem to feel the need to let everyone know how good he was over and over again.

Glenn and I have kept in touch since that day - mainly via Twitter - and so when he emailed me recently to quietly tell me about his new SEO training ebook I was keen to check it out.

seo-secrets.jpgThe ebook is called SEO Secrets and you can read about it and a little of Glenn’s story here.

Typically Glenn’s sales page for this great e-book makes no outrageous claims. There are no promises to make you rank #1 for highly competitive terms or screenshots of hundred thousand dollar earnings on clickbank - just Glenn’s story and a description of what you get when you buy this resource (as well as a sample chapter and Table of Contents) - that’s the kind of guy Glenn is.

The book (currently in it’s second version) is 213 pages (including bibliography, index and glossary) of SEO wisdom. It has a section on WordPress 2.7, sections on link building (including a good section on linkbaiting), choosing keywords, optimizing web content as well as a fairly extensive bibliography for further reading (it is refreshing to see someone citing sources and providing this).

The teaching in this ebook is good - very good - particularly for those at a beginner to intermediate level who are looking for a comprehensive and all in the one place introduction to SEO. Those who have spent many many hours doing extensive research on the topic on their own will probably not find a lot of new things in this guide - but for those starting out it is well worth considering as a practical investment in your education.

Glenn has a gift at explaining concepts that can at times be quite complex - if you’re like me and not wired with the brain of a technical genius you’ll appreciate the way he talks you through the many areas of SEO covered in this book.

If you’re interested in discovering more about SEO check out the sample chapter and table of contents of SEO Secrets for yourself.



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