28 April 2009

Blogging Tips : Calculus of Blogging

Blogging Tips

Calculus of Blogging: The Whys and Hows of Blogging Success

This is a guest post by Seth Waite. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

Experience online has taught me many essential elements to being a better blogger. As my success grows online I become more excited about what I am doing and the potential awaiting me. My excitement often leads to discussions with friends and family where I get the question, “Why Blog?” Trying to explain why blogging is something I enjoy, I keep returning to their question. Why do I or anyone blog? I finally came up with an answer.

Blogging is about our desire to be successful doing it. Bloggers do not start by thinking “I hope no one ever reads this”. You might not be interested in monetization or a big audience but you want your message to be heard by someone. The idea then is bloggers start because they intend to be successful. One might ask then if all bloggers are fools because the probability for success is low given the immense amount of competition. Besides a relatively low probability of success blogging includes high costs as well. In relation to cost, I am talking about more than just money, but time as well. If we calculated this mathematically the equation would look something like this:

U=p(B) – C

To break down this equation for non-mathematicians (myself included) I will describe each element of the equation.

  • U is equal to the utility (in economics) or desired success in this example
  • p is equal to the probability or likelihood of success
  • B is equal to the benefits of success (money, traffic, authority)
  • C is equal to the cost of blogging (time, energy, money)

By calculating this equation you will find p (probability of success) is low and by multiplying it with B it seems to minimize almost any benefits. After doing this you then subtract the costs and end up generally with a negative number. It would seem then that no one would actually start blogging. The cost will always outweigh the benefit.

Mathematically this made sense, but the millions of bloggers online did not. I know we are not all irrationally spending hours online for nothing! I kept thinking about this equation and then realized I was missing the most important element “D”.

D is the difference you believe between your chances of success and everyone else. Difference comes from your conception of how you are different then other bloggers you compete with. These differences can come in the form of time, talent, discipline or a variety of factors. D is your reason for why you will be successful. For me, “D” is believing I have a unique perspective and innovative ideas. For you it may be your new blog design, great writing ability or determination to succeed.

The purpose of this article then is to focus on your “D”. There are many benefits for blogging, but something more has to keep you believing in your success. As you blog today, think about your D factor and capitalize on it. It is why you started blogging anyways. Remembering your unique D will keep you motivated and ahead of the game. Success has always been difficult but you started this process because you believed you provide something unique. No matter the costs you can find success blogging by capitalizing on your most important factor, the difference between you and everyone else.

U=p(B) – C + D

Seth Waite wrote this article from his newly launched blog, Blogging Agenda. For another great article like this one, check out Seth’s recent article on “The Importance of Writing Good Content“.

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