16 April 2009

Blogging Tips : Should I Publish My Best Content In My Own Blog, Or Guest Blog It?

questions and answersFarrahd A. asks:

What would you pick: Write an amazing guest post on a really popular blog or write it for your own blog and see if it does well?

This is a common question among bloggers, and not only among new ones. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, hence why it can create a dilemma. If you publish it in your own blog, you will retain all the traffic and backlinks, but there is a risk that the post won’t gain enough exposure, especially if your blog is relatively small.

If you publish it as a guest post on a larger blog, on the other hand, you will certainly get exposed to a new audience, gain a powerful backlink, and possibly some new readers and subscribers along the way. The disadvantage here is the fact that the blog that will host your post will retain most of the traffic and backlinks associated with it.

So what should you do?

You should mix both strategies, with varying proportions depending on the maturity and size of your blog.

When your blog is new, small, and you are trying to get the word about it out, you could use a balanced split, say 50% and 50%. That means that for every two long and structured posts that you write, one should be published in your blog, and one should be offered as guest post.

The only caution here is to make sure that your blog will have a decent amount of good articles already published before you go around guest blogging. Else your new readers won’t have a reason to subscribe and keep visiting your site.

Over the time your blog will mature and your audience will grow. As this happens, it becomes more important to have your top quality posts published inside your own blog. That is your ultimate objective after all, to have a website that people consider a valuable resource for one reason or another.

You could still guest post once in a while, but limit it to good opportunities when high profile bloggers invite you to do so.

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