26 May 2009

Blogging Tips : 31 Days to Build a Better Blog - Two Thirds Through Update

We’re at Day 20 (almost 21) in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge and at two thirds of the way through the project I thought I’d give a quick update with a few random highlights, updates and thoughts:

1. We’ve got over 12,000 people signed up and at different stages of the process. 100 or so are joining every day. We’ve set it up in such a way that you’ll get emails starting at Day 1 so you can sign up at any time.

2. The
31DBBB forum area is cranking - those that seem to be benefiting the most from 31DBBB seem to be those interacting in the forum area - particularly those who are actively collaborating with other participants. The exciting thing is that while the numbers of people who’ve joined the forum are smaller - most people there are really genuinely interested in working together. A fantastic community is emerging there which I think we’ll continue after the end of the project. I’ll include some of the popular threads in the forum below.

3. Success Stories - A number of participants have reported significant improvements in their blogs. While everyone’s story is different we’re hearing feedback that some bloggers really seeing their blogs lifted to new levels (example).

4. Your Feedback Invited - I’ve just posted a thread in the forum asking for feedback - if you’d like to share some thoughts on how things have gone for you so far (good and bad) share them here.

5. Workbook Coming - I’m still planning on putting together all 31 days tasks into a workbook e-book which we’ll sell at the end of the 31 days at an affordable price.

All in all it’s been a positive experience. While there are a few things I’d do differently I’m really pleased with how it’s been going.

6. Popular Forum Threads - As mentioned above - here are 10 interesting threads in our forum area that have generated some great discussion in the last few days:

  1. What does your significant other thinks?
  2. Twitter List - Add Yourself
  3. Copyrights and How to Protect Your Writing?
  4. Donations
  5. Favicons
  6. How do You make Money?
  7. RSS subscription. To do or not to do???
  8. Categories vs Tags
  9. Statcounter, google analytics, site meter - which one?
  10. ProBlogger Budget?

Of course there’s also a discussion thread for each day of the challenge here.

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