15 June 2009

Blogging Tips : Trouble Installing WordPress?

Try EasyWP Install

Installing WordPress manually is not a hard task, but I might be biased here since I have been doing it for the past three years or so. For someone just starting out on the web and with no technical knowledge whatsoever it could be problematic.

The easiest way to solve this problem is by getting a hosting plan on a company that offers the Fantastico script. That script basically provides a one-click install of many open source software and applications, including WordPress.

Not all hosting companies offer Fantastico, though, and maybe you already signed up on one and can’t change now. For those people there is a new tool called EasyWP Install. It is basically a PHP script that you need to upload to your server and execute by accessing The script will then download all the WordPress files automatically and put them on your server. After that you will just need to finish the installation by going through the WordPress setup.

The script is obviously free and licensed under the GPL, so check it out.


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