20 January 2010

Blogging Tips : How to Start a Popular Blog

By : Deny E.Y
There are many ways, but some things that might be performed are as follows:

1. Get a simple and specific ideas about something that you have mastered, or the source of something already there or easy to find. Why should a simple and specific? And why the material should be easy to find?

Answer: The idea of a specific contact with the reader's interest, and search with a search engine on the internet. Just compare the following two blog titles: 1. Cooking Recipes 2. Cuisine Recipes South Kalimantan. Which you choose to visit? The majority would answer the second. Why? The title of a general nature do not generate curiosity, was too broad in scope, so as if it will open the blog was exhausting and a waste of time. Not so with the title or theme that is specific, this blog will satisfy people's curiosity about the cuisine of South Kalimantan. Find the hidden ideas (niche) you own. If you can find an idea that can satisfy curiosity most people, then you will have success in blogging, and would be flooded with traffic and becomes a celebrity on the internet. Wow!

2. Use keywords that match the blog title and most likely to be sought after by many people. Top Keyword must have been widely used by other webmasters, and this means you must be ready to do battle with the webmaster who is more experienced and better trained. But do not be afraid or lost before the war, it's better than you avoid popular keywords. Avoiding the popular keywords for me, tantamount to avoiding visitors.
There is always room for a newcomer, do not give up, select the keywords that you think the most interesting but least used by other webmasters. Do not miss also do the following: tehknik learn SEO (Search Engine Optimation) from the Internet or books, populerkan title / keywords your blog through blogwalking, social networks (facebook, twitter, etc..). Perform regular posts and load keyword at the beginning or end of the article.


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Michale Lantz said...

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