08 January 2010

How to Be A More Productive Blogger (Time Saving)

Source : ProBlogger

ProBlogger says : This week, on a busier than normal day, I Tweeted that I wish there were more hours in a day (or that there was a pause button so that time could stand still for a bit so I could catch up). The tweet was of course an attempt at humor but the deluge of replies that I received from that Tweet revealed that I’m not the only blogger out there that wishes they had more time.

As I giggled at the responses it struck me that if I’d not posted that message on Twitter about how I wish I’d had more time that I’d probably have had an extra 6 minutes that hour to get the things I needed to get done finished.

While I’m glad I did get on Twitter for those 6 minutes (it gave me a laugh, made me relax and lightened my day a little) I began to think about all the other small little distractions and time suckers we as bloggers face and on a whim (and for a bit of fun) came up with this list of how to be a more productive blogger.

How to be a more productive blogger:

  1. Turn off Twitter – 6 minutes an hour
  2. Turn off Facebook – 3 minutes an hour
  3. Stop checking your Traffic Stats – 2 minutes an hour
  4. Stop checking your AdSense Earnings – 2 minutes an hour
  5. Stop Tweaking your blog design – 3 minutes an hour
  6. Stop checking your Google Page Rank – 1 minute an hour
  7. Turn off Email – 5 minutes an hour
  8. Log out of your RSS Feed Reader – 2 minutes an hour
  9. Stop checking to see if someone Dugg your latest post – 1 minute an hour
  10. Stop checking affiliate earnings/e-book sales earnings – 2 minutes an hour
  11. Turn off any other Social Media Sites (LinkedIn/StumbleUpon/Plurk/Reddit etc) – 3 minutes an hour
  12. Turn of Skype, Gtalk and all other IM services – 4 minutes
  13. Stop Reading Blog Tips and Start Blogging – 3 minutes an hour

By my calculations this gives you an extra 37 minutes an hour to do what you need to do. Over an 8 hour work day I’ve just found you a smidgen under 5 hours!

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