27 January 2010

Why Blogs should work together? Are not we compete?

By : Deny E.Y.

When you come into the world of blogs for the first time, you have only the content and titles. That's not enough to exist, you need to spread the news of your existence.

Then you visit other blogs and leave a trail link in your comment, you are lucky now and then can exchange links with other blog owners.

Then you join the collector blogs, like BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, etc..
To do all the things above you do? Just looking for Traffic?
If that's what you want, fine.

But then if you now think that other bloggers as competitors who must be removed?
If it's in your mind, you forget where you came from. And you will not last long.

What we need as a blogger is a long-term cooperation, because without the presence of other blogs that also reduced our potential to promote. We do not have to compete for traffic, you also do not have to worry about visitors to share their rations with other blogs. Because the Internet with the aim of visiting different and looking for something different too. That other blog visitor potential of our blog visitors if we provide something that complements these blogs. Vice versa.
So as a blogger should never feel competing, because basically we need each other


Ayzed said...

Thank you for the article! I'm still trying to get used to the linking thing, so most of what I do is just provide comments on other blogs.

Anonymous said...

Its Cool

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