17 March 2010

Use your old post to reach the Goal

By : Deny E.Y.

Our old posts have been turned into a fossil? Do you not Realize that the old posts You have already started to rot because of forgotten even by your own?
This is a terrible thing that happened to all bloggers who are negligent, too busy new posts to write but forgot the old post.
Wake up fellas!

You have a treasure hidden invaluable, which is an old post of yours.
Do something soon! What?
Refresh back to your old posts with new links to your latest posts, for example: related page, relate post, etc. ..
Or create a channel link on your blog, for example: Page's most popular, most favorite posts, etc. ..
Refresh again Dusty pages, so that more useful for you and your blog readers. This would be great.


Anonymous said...

i definitely enjoy your writing kind, very helpful,
don't give up and keep posting for the reason that it simply truly worth to look through it,
impatient to browse through a whole lot more of your own writing, goodbye ;)

Anonymous said...

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Deny Eko Yuwono said...

Your comments is motivating me, thanks