06 March 2010

Why Painful criticism more useful than the mere comments: "great post", "I like your blog",etc?

by : Deny E.Y.

Painful criticism more useful than the mere comments: "great post", "I like your blog", etc..

Maybe I've forgotten the basic ways to popularize the blog, by way of commenting on other blogs and leave nice words that invite the blog owner is to send feedback.
But we must be honest to yourself, and the fact they are.
It is precisely this will be very beneficial for us.

1. Anger and curiosity is stronger than the joy of empty compliment.
A more sepontan feedback will occur, and more technical. This is a good beginning for a relationship between the blog. Your explanation will be very important and vital.

2. Criticism is more honest
There's no better relationship than a relationship of mutual honest and open, this applies to all things, also the relationship between blogs. Critics tell us about our shortcomings and weaknesses, it becomes very constructive if we intend to improve ourselves.


Ocha Cutee said...

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Anonymous said...

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Deny Eko Yuwono said...

It is'n easy to accept a critism, i'm telling you.