01 April 2010

Does your blog created by a friend?

By : Deny E.Y.

Some of my friends asked me to make blog for them, instead they create a blog, what I do is lend them a guide book that I bought in a bookstore whose contents about how to create a blog. Maybe not the best book but complete enough about the tehknik-engineering blog from the beginning to popularize ways, and even get money from her blog.
This does not mean I'm stingy or unwilling to help a friend, but the prism of his own experience when I bothered to create my first blog. From the recognition process, the use of the facilities provided Blogspot, writing articles, promoting, in collaboration with third parties, exchange links, etc.. There is one main thing I've learned during the process. Namely, for a blog or blogs ownner master the most important thing is not the shape or the presence of blogs that they have, but it is the science that they conquered after a long process of building a blog to become popular.
As I experienced, it took hundreds of hours of anxious to make my first blog. Now, before spending a single cup of coffee I can make a single blog, and popularized it in 2 days. This is the result of a science that can not be obtained by instantaneously.

My personal suggestion for you:
1st. Learn how to create blogs in general very seriously, after it got up the blog with your own way.
2nd. Learn from the experiences of others. Not that you humble yourself, but let's say you stole their science but instead benefit them (for sure, because the seniors are getting "Follower"). In this case everybody is happy.
3. Please note that the strongest foundation known blogs that would not physical appearance, but of ideas.
4. Dirty tricks in the popularization of blogs may be very tempting but it is not the appropriate means to getting good results. Example: pornographic content, the content of mock (fake miracle, celebrity gossip, etc.), defamatory content, etc..
5. Do not be easily discouraged, if within 1 year your blog has not disambangi visitors still not a reason to quit. Many of the more interesting ideas waiting to be used.

So, create your own blog rather than buying. Many will you get more than just a time.

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