21 April 2010

Minimal knowledge is not a reason to stop writing.

By : Deny EY

I am not suggesting for you to write about something you do not know. If you do it then of course you will be a mockery materials. Because it would be funny if you review about the wrong things, explain things the wrong way, even, your opinions were wrong. Ha ha ha ..
But this is no stalemate. Here lies the art of writing, you can write anything simply rely on your creativity and imagination. Without having to become experts in something. In fact, it is your ignorance about something, it can be an interesting writing material. How?

It sounds weird. But this is a pleasant thing, many people "write" just for hobby, also many people who work as professional writers. And most of them are full of life and their work.

Explore the world that you live, your daily life is too precious to be ignored, immortalized through writing. Make other people come to feel what you feel, make them think about what you think. Just, you appreciate just myself.

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