11 April 2010

Revenue from advertising is not a passive income

By : Deny E.Y.

Why do I say that?
Blogger beginners often assume that a simple blog and already have adsense ads plastered is already enough, just wait it out then the dollar will go into their bags automatically. As the title of books they have read.
Imagining a fulltime professional bloggers, they think he is doing just traveling, photographing a lot, sometimes write, used to go to Bali and get plenty of sleep, but have a bank account that was always full of dollars from adsense and ready to be squandered.
Maybe some of these opinions is true, but not always so.
A pro blogger usually has more than 5 blogs, and all are usually very busy. For example in one day taking care of 1st blog takes 2 hours, then the working time a blogger is a 10-hour average.
The idea of writing did not come from heaven, a blogger always doing research, observation and continue to add their knowledge by reading books or other sources on the internet. What makes their writing so valuable and popular is the quality of the content of their posts. Not by accident.

In conclusion: Blogger is also a hard worker. Never doubt this.
But as another hard worker, enjoyment of life also accompany them.

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