02 May 2010

When will you be writing?

by : Deny EY

Are we going to write about new things that we know, or we'll write about something we already know for a long time. Are you confused?

A memory is always wonderful to tell, but you then wonder what use such stories to others? doubts arise, will you write or not. In the end, do not you write the story. That's where you stand and not move anywhere. Like the life you lead.

A new and interesting things happen, or you get a new knowledge. Like most people, you can not wait to brag to others, via your writings. But then you think, what's great about it, perhaps someone else has first to know. Then you have to do is just go to bed, lost in dreams and dreaming of other great things that you may be experiencing.

What is the essence?
As a writer, you should not miss. This is what I mean.

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