12 May 2010

Writing can be done by reflex?

by : Deny EY
I studied the script from my mentors:

Crazy! Actually, whether he knows many things, or do not know at all?
His writings contents around, confused. But strangely, I like to read, and fans are also very much the article. I can only shake my head. Crazy!
I wanted to investigate his technique. I read another article, the more unreasonable, he writes without thinking, will it?

According to this guy, wrote a first article is a difficult thing but when it has often done so it became a kind of habit that can be done without thinking at all, just write, write and write about the things being experienced or is being felt. It becomes like an activity carried out by reflex.
He can write an article when watching TV, when you're playing poker.

Writing can be a relief of mind, he said, because giving up something like a lump in your brain.
Also, when writing do not expect something from the writing, eg hoping the writing will be read all the people and become a top reading. Be prepared to be disappointed if you do it.
After all, if your articles automatic groove good readers.

Kudos to Ersis

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