16 June 2010

MAXTHON, Amateurs Browser or Just a Better Browser

By : Deny EY

Usually I never compared the browser to one another, but these last few moments,
I often felt frustrated using Mozilla Firefox.
Not that Mozilla's Firefox is less complete or less amenities. This is the honest opinion of a user, for this I always use Firefox, many years, we can say that I am a loyal Firefox user.
Some times I really ever use Opera or Internet Explorer but it is very rare.
Today, perhaps because too many plugins that it becomes a burden, made Firefox which I use often problematic, this really makes me frustrated.

Some time ago I heard a talk from my friend who told me that there is a faster browser. His name is "Maxthon".
Sound amateur to me at that time.
Out of curiosity I then download it, about a few hours ago. After several minutes of trying, unusual, really fast!
I think I've fallen in love, at least the last few minutes.
For the curious can download Maxthon here. Or become a member.

It may sound like an advertisement, but okay if we compare something we use, and does no harm to you to try.The browser is actually faster.

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