18 January 2011

The meaning of purpose in making a blog

Wrote in a blog it's all up to you, you can be a spontaneous writer who wrote all the things that came to your head when your finger is touching the keyboard. Or you can first develop the concept, build a skeleton essay, explore ideas, determine the theme, before actually writing an article in the blog.
If you want something from these blogs, it helps you determine the true purpose of the blog that you created it. Your goal should be clear.
There is a very real difference between a blog that has a purpose, with a blog that made carelessly.
Blogs that have the goal ensured its survival is ensured, because the blog will not stop growing until the desired goal is reached, during its development and even the goal was also developed along with the huge flow of information going on in her blog.
While blogs are built with no apparent purpose, will float, even make your visitors become confused because they do not actually know what they read, making them tired and promised themselves that this is their last visit.

My friend, I have made more than 7 blogs. Three of them have clear objectives and have a source of accurate information, the rest I've made because of trends and ideas for a moment, was in fact the ideas are also not too bad. But time proved that a simple blog with a clear source of information is more reliable and lasting than blogs are based on the idea "brilliant" but not supported by sufficient knowledge and resources, and its purpose is less clear.
Traffic from the four blogs "unclear purpose" is not even a hundredth of visitors per day compared with one of three blogs that I created with a clear vision.
Think back how you create a blog, will only be a vent, or the source of your dollars.

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