30 December 2008

Blogging Tips : Internet Goals To Get You Inspired for a Great 2009

A couple of weeks ago I asked our readers what were their Internet related goals for 2009. Below you will find what 56 of them replied. Notice that I only published a small excerpt of the goals of each one, and you can click on their names to visit their blogs and read the full post with their goals.

I am sure you will find some nice goals to get you inspired for the new year, and perhaps even find some fellow bloggers to partner with and work together to achieve those goals.

1. N-Speaks:

1. Cross 350 RSS subscriber mark.
2. Write atleast 5 posts a week
3. Write atleast 3 good quality posts a week out of above 5

2. Crane Factory:

Goal 1 - Increase paid blogging income

I got a taste this year for paid blogging and it has so far worked out well. It certainly isn’t “pro blogger” money but it means I don’t need to dip into the household budget to fund things like hosting fees, publishing setup costs, or development costs such as premium themes.

3. JaledWith:

1. Two posts per week (a minimum of 104 next year)
2. Forty total RSS subscribers (current total: 20)
3. Add an original video at least once each month

4. Making Home Made Wine and Beer:

Stop chasing social media - 80% of visitors come from search engines and another 17% come from links and blogrolls.

5. MyLifeCEO:

1. To increase my readership (no limits to this)
2. To increase my ‘Property Product’ sales
3. To somehow upload my son’s “Thomas the Tank Engine” video clip to You Tube

6. JARD:

1. to launch my 1st e-book
2. to get more bookings from my two travel sites
3. to get more advertising/sponsors for my sites.

7. CashSeeker:

1. stop procrastinating
2. write an article at least once week and submit
3. create a new blog once a month( niches)

8. Hardware Revolution:

Reach 1,000,000 pageviews monthly. I know, you’re probably thinking that I’m absolutely out of my mind here. Well, I am aiming high, that is true. I do believe that it is a reachable number, if we work together toward it! We? That’s right. While I will do my best to deliver valuable content, I will need you to help me spread the news and help me by sharing this to your friends, family and contacts that you have on social networks!

9. Ibrahim Cesar:

Acho que é uma média atingível. Minha rotina vai mudar um bocado e vou ter menos tempo ainda para postar mas acredito que possa atingí-lo. Tenho algumas idéias para postagens, série de postagens, etc. O que têm me faltado ultimamente é motivação.

10. TechZoomin:

You must have got what would be my intention by this time! Yes,First we need to set some goals if you want to succeed some where.Ofcourse i know one more quotation “Setting goals is easy,But achieving shows the difficulty” :) Even though nothing we loose by setting and trying to achieve them.So,Here are my goals/dreams for the coming year.

11. LGR:

1. Posting more regularly, hopefully on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. If possible increasing posting frequency to five days a week.
2. Increasing RSS subscribers in the LGR Internet Solutions blog to 500 or more.
3. Diversifying my online income so it is more dependable and less reliant on one or two sources.

12. Slavi:

1. Read 7 good books on algorithms and best software development practices
2. Start learning Java
3. Write 5 articles / week

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