10 November 2009

6 WordPress Plugins for Better Comments

Source : DailyBlogTips, Guest Post by Srikanth AD

Bloggers love to have comments on their blogs. It builds social proof, enriches the content, fosters community and so on. Here are six plugins that you can use to boost the number of comments on your blog and make the commenting process more efficient.

1. Better Comments Manager

Replying to comments from your readers will make them come back in the future, because they will know that your care for them.

The “Better Comments Manager” plugin allows you to reply to the comments right from the Admin panel. In the absence of this plug-in, you have to visit the post individually and reply to the comment which is time consuming and tedious if you have tons of comments to reply.

2. Subscribe to Comments

By installing this plug-in in your WordPress blog your readers can get email notifications about the further comments on the post. When a reader comments in a post and checks the box to get E-mail notifications, it helps him to stay in touch with the comments and encourages him to come back to your blog and stay engaged in the discussion.

This helps to add more value to your post as more and more commenter’s exchange their ideas and views on the post.

3. WordPress Thread Comment

This plugin for WordPress allows the readers to reply to a specific comment, making it easier to follow the discussion. The plugin should also be compatible with most WordPress themes around, and installation is not that difficult.

4. IntenseDebate

This is one another cool WordPress plugin to consider if you are looking to get more comments and visits to your WordPress blog. This plug-in encourages your readers to actively participate in the discussion and it allows them to rate a comment posted with simple thumbs up or down buttons.

They can also leave active replies to the comments or start a new comment. Commenters can also subscribe to the replies and new comments such that they get email notification when a reply to their comment is received or any new comment is added to the post.

5. Absolute Comments

This plugin for WordPress also allows you to instantly reply to comments right from the admin panel.

The interesting feature of this plug-in is that it supports threaded comments, and if you have set to receive email notification, when a new comment is posted you can see a direct reply link to the comment in the email.

6. Contact Commenters

This is a great tool to interact with the commenters of your blog posts. By using this plugin you can send email to selected commenters, perhaps thanking their for their comments or asking their opinions on a related issue.


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