01 January 2010

Earn money from Adsense: There's Always Better Way

By : Deny E.Y.
To get a better income through Google Adsense you may have studied or read from various sources of inspiration.
And you might have done even success, or was not successful. We always assume that the latest way that we apply is the best, but still the result is still lacking. Why?
Review what you have done, compare it with what other people have done. That is some thing you should do.
The rest please do experiment, develop your own ways to optimize adsense. There is always a better way.

Assess your own blog from the perspective of visitors, to learn whether the order of writing, tapilan widget, font color and content of the article is "optimal adsense". What I mean is optimal if adsense can make people consciously or unconsciously touching your ads appear as part of the site / blog. The main thing is the ad that appears in accordance with the theme of blog so visitors do not feel disadvantaged at all when clicking on ads for the same at a time when he found what he was looking for.
The important thing to consider is not to violate the rules made by Adsense, read the Terms of Service Adsense. Because Adsense also has a rule that if violated will make all the things you have done become in vain.


Michael Lantz said...

I have adsense on my feeds.Will you make more money with feeds.I heard that somewhere.Is that correct?

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Deny Eko Yuwono said...

- possible, but the percentage that appeared less likely it clicks much less

- Thanx.. i'm learning.

Anonymous said...


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