30 December 2009

Preparing for the Worst

By : Deny E.Y.
This is not about the problems and solutions, but something that might be experienced by a bogger.
When starting a blog, we always have a purpose, although perhaps just a simple goal. Some of us build a blog to introduce yourself and make the writings to be read by everyone so that the aspirations distributed to the public, partly to make a popular scientific articles of people and read every day, there is a blog to sell products and goods, there also the only fun and to have fun. Some of them realized that blogs can make money and want to make blogging as a major work for a living.
But, things do not always go according to plan and desire as if it is difficult to be fulfilled.
Yag problems may occur:

1. You really want a booming visitors but in fact even just to get some visitors have had to do 'blog walking' is exhausting to leave a trail link in other people's blogs.
2. Dreamed of writing a popular, but instead of getting fans actually feel one open end of the blog and instantly closed it in when they think have read the "garbage that must be avoided". Very sad.
3. Pursuing google pagerank or alexa rank but never moved from the bottom.
4. Crave dollars of ad clicks that were installed on the blog, but the fact that ad box to make allergy and avoided visitors vacant as a result of income.
5. Because of the things above, make us become bored and desperate.
6. Run out of ideas to develop a blog that is like a stalemate.
7. Offline and online activities you do not leave time for maintaining blog. Your wife or even interfere with your blogging activities.
8. Feeling frustrated with the blog for no apparent reason.
9. Blog without a clear vision that makes writing in shambles and no focus.

Once again, this is not about problems and solutions. But by knowing the potential obstacles that might happen to make us better prepared and able to develop their own ways to deal with, even before the problem above actually happened. That the road to success becomes more spacious and mulus.Selamat work!

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