24 December 2009

How to Increase Revenue : Do not complicate things

Writter : Deny Eko Yuwono

Many questions that produce thousands of complex answers about how to increase our adsense earnings.
But I think we should look at the situation with the most simple way: After disguising ads next appearance is to make ads appear as often as possible!
How do I: This is the most obvious thing, namely folding double your site traffic. And this is not something that can be negotiable.
Many ways to improve your traffic, but again do not make this too complicated. Simplify your thoughts.
Alternative you can do is as follows:

1. Advertise your site, eg through adwords, etc..
2. Suggest guests via email (email marketing)
3. Tap visitors through social networks, for example: facebook, twitter, etc..
4. Come up with original charm on your site or blog.
5. Continue to develop and fulfill your blog or website. Despite these blogs as good as any you think but do not produce anything, means that there are terrible and have not "sell".

The above items may not be enough, but persistence and patience can be very helpful in this regard.

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