08 December 2009

The Secret of How to Maximize Google Adsense Revenue

Writter : Deny E.Y.

Problems I might as well you are facing.
Can not be denied that money is one of blogging purposes. Money from the Internet can be derived from advertising, refferal, or direct product sales. Site advertising provider in the internet are many and varied, but the most popular is the google adsense.
For some users adsense may have been making millions of dollars, but for some others may only achieve a few cents.
In this case there is no element of chance, it is very affecting income is:
1. Low traffic
2. The number of sites installed adsense

3. CTR (clik Trough rate) is low
4. Revenue per click (adsense this rate depends on how popular your blog)
Above 4 things to keep in mind to maximize your income through adsense.

But it turns out, despite the high traffic blogs or even a still high number of clicks to get very little (low CTR), why did this happen?

Think as a visitor to your site or blog. At this moment people are used to avoid all things advertising, created annoyed with pop-ups, ignored the offer gifts, no matter the contest that promises and strive to avoid blatant advertising. Therefore you have to win back their hearts. How? Easy! Do not make your ads look like ads. Make sure the ads disguised so well that a cursory look like regular links.


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