26 June 2010

My Big mistake as a Blogger

By : Deny EY

I really enjoy writing articles, for me to write like the lump out in my mind, makes me feel calm afterwards.
Writing this calm, about it. Even about things that actually I do not really know.
I have been blind, oh no, I had blinded myself about the knowledge that is outside my neighborhood.

Lately I've noticed, that a lot of science, many things have been done to others, out there. Far to leave me, make me like a cave man who does not realize that a few meters outside the cave I had a lot of modern buildings and high-tech equipment.
Here I am, in my cave, still writing about rock and graffiti on the walls of the cave.
This is really embarrassing.
It was obvious that I have to upgrade my knowledge, before the cave was demolished by bulldozers or because a neighbor wants to build a larger building. Or I will be finished.

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