02 July 2010

Enlightening Book

By : Deny EY

I found a very interesting book. This book discusses ways to write and about so easily write. Also I read in the summary of the back, also addresses listed issuer if the reader interested in becoming a professional writer.
Once seen on the shelves of a bookstore and read the title I was immediately attracted. It is not thought to buy it first, because in addition to the tight bags and many other requirements should I meet, I'm not sure about writing a book that I want to look for or about something else.
Before I was very interested about the public investment in capital markets, entrepreneurship or about the internet and blogging.
One of the blogs that I have discussed about writing, but too general and Miqdaad knowledge is still very shallow, just going through a desire to gain knowledge about the world of writing.

Learning re-start from the beginning it does no harm, no kemungkina that my foundation in terms of writing false. so then I thought, this is the time to straighten tehknik basis of my writing.
Un rose book, this time with my debit card for cash that I have less.
Somehow deep down my heart of hearts believe that I have something unusual but not yet excavated, and even I do not know if it sendiripun.
But maybe, just maybe, write something is one of my hidden talents I have only just not found the right way. It's been my only groping and trying to learn to be self-taught from the articles that I read the work of writers who have not known. but stupidly, I've felt good and felt no need to learn anymore, this is why I like the frog in the shell that never got anywhere, and never received anything from writing.
Currently I've read the contents of the book a few pages, the results are enlightened my thinking, not because I have gained knowledge, but rather about what I was ignorant. That book opened my eyes, that many things that I should have learned, many things I was ignorant as I had closed my eyes and feel too smart to learn. How stupid.
Being a writer, whether a writer of novels, short stories or blog is a profession full of privacy, the ability of individuals who are highly regarded. Somehow this is my dream may be because in the field of life I live now have absolutely no privacy and poor appreciation.
Now I'm learning ..

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